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Custom Software Developers

Our Methods

We are a custom software developer who specialises in rapid and cost effective online app development. We like to think of ourselves as the Skunk Works of software.

We use modern software development techniques to allow us to deliver systems that work as intended, on time and on budget. These methods are all designed to reduce development time and costs and increase ease of use, quality, functionality and reliability. Our software is built to be modular, easy to change, easy to integrate.

Consulting Approach

Object IT has a focus on deeply understanding your objectives, determining the best way to meet those objectives and constantly consulting with the client to ensure they are fully involved in the development process.

Agile Methodology

Agile and SCRUM framework is a best practice, iterative software development framework which is designed to overcome the notorious risks of traditions software development methods.

Languages / Frameworks

Object IT developers are proficient in many languages and frameworks.This allows us to use and recommend the best tools for your job and work in specific languages if the client requires.

Test Driven Development

We design and build our systems methodically with a focus on automated testing, resilience and flexibility from the beginning.

Hosting and Storage

Heroku, Amazon AWS are our preferred hosting solutions. We use robust cloud infrastructure which means our systems work reliably and cost effectively, all the time


We like to use schemaless databases like MongoDB that allows our systems to be much more flexible.We are also experts with PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL.

Our Clients

We have made a wide variety of web-based applications for our various clients. Below, you'll see a list of some of our clients and some of the systems we have developed.

Object IT is always making new and different systems because we specialize in custom software development.


Carelynx Clinical Monitoring System

Clinical Management web application for Residential aged care.



Online expert system that helps people make a Will and do Estate Planning.



CoreLogic (RP Data) is an international Real Estate / IT company. We can't tell you what we make for them.


Anglo American and DeBeers

We make numerous custom systems for Anglo including - Risk Planning, Training, online forms, Excel Spreadsheets to web apps, etc


Teck Resources Limited

We have developed a Risk Planning System. This system is available for purchase.


Newmont Corporation

We have developed a Risk Planning System. This system is available for purchase.


Converting Excel Spreadsheets to web apps

We can very cost effectively convert Excel and Google Sheets spreadsheets into fully functional web applications.

Risk Planning System

This system allows rapid development of project risk registers.

Online Training Shops

Online systems that take payment for and deliver online training.

Expert Systems

Yodal - online system designed to make it easy for financial advisors to help their client produce a will.

Online Induction / Training Systems

Online platforms that deliver and track multi media online training.

Location / Map Based Apps

Systems that use maps, device locations and designated areas to facilitate useful functions like object tracking, people tracking, designating areas on a map, providing location based information / popups and allowing location based information inputs / reports.

Competency tracking system

People with assocated competencies, files and photos can be stored on a system and retrieved from anywhere on site. This allows you to look up a person, see their competencies, and qualification doc (files) on a phone.

Object Tracking Systems

Objects with assocated information, location, files and photos can be stored on a system and retrieved from anywhere on site. This allows you to look up an object and see its information, location and files on a phone.

Airport Visitor Tracking

Airports have a requirement to record details of anyone entering a restricted area on an Airport and track them. This system uses automated feature to simplify this process.

Security System Addons

These systems allow information from older security system to be viewed online and allows information to be used to easily produce customised reports.

Payment Systems

Allows our clients to easily take automated payments online.

Online Insurance Quotes and Purchases

Online systems that take information, produce a quote based on that information and allow the customer to make purchase and receive all relevant insurance documentation automatically.

Our Services

Ruby on Rails App Development

Python App Development

React App Development

Java App Development

iPad App Development

iPhone App Development

Web Design

UX Design

UI Design

Agile Web Development with Rails

IT Consulting

Test Driven Development

Custom Application Development

Responsive Web Development

Software Development

Mobile Application Development

Android App Development

Web Development

Low-code Systems

Demonstrator / Proof of Concept

Startups, Restarts, Remakes

Google Sheet Systems

Our Pre-built Systems

Object IT has a number of systems which can be purchased off the self and or customised at a fraction of the cost that it would take to develop from scratch.

We have existing systems which allow you to sell Online Training to your clients.

We have highly developed Online Induction / Training platforms which allow you to deliver training to your work force or sell this service to your clients.

We have a pre-built Airport Visitor Tracking system for Airports.

Open Source Software

We have made some of our Systems - Open Source Software. We provide this software at no cost.

We will only charge for the implementation or modification of the Software.


Online Induction System

Suited for supplying multimedia inductions to large volumes of trainees


Competency Tracking System

Suited for tracking competency requirements for industrial sites


Training Register

Suited for upgrading excel training matrices on industrial sites

Our Contact

Tell us a little about your project, and we'll get back to you. If you'd like to speak to someone right away, just call us at +61 7 3102 8324.